Toyota can read your mind

Toyota are said to be developing mind reading devices for inclusion in future models of their cars, and these will be used to adapt your car’s settings according to how you are feeling.

But don’t expect to your Celica, MR2, Avensis or Corolla adjusting itself to your mood any time soon.

Further to earlier work by the company which could change the colour of your car according to your mode, Toyota are now looking into devices that examine your facial expressions. The system will be linked to your air-conditioning and entertainment systems in order to adjust them to suit your state of mind.

How consumers might take to this will be revealed as Toyota’s testing continues. Our guess is that for now the consumer will prefer to control these systems themselves, though this kind of research may well provide benefits in the future.

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Like the Toyota VVTLi engine used in the Elise 111S, the VVTi is currently used in a variety of Toyotas, including the Generation 7 Celicas and the Mk3 MR2s, though these cars are both about to be dropped by Toyota.

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Frankly we’re amazed at the changes at Toyota, and you would easily be forgiven that the company is facing hard times, when in fact it’s going from strength to strength. There have been 3 versions of the company’s fantastic mid engined MR2, and seven generations of the popular Celica but Toyota is changing its image, and moving on.