Gen 6

Celica – Generation 6

The sixth generation Celica arrive in 1994 to replace and continued until the end of the 90s before it was replaced by the completely new Generation 7. For some, this is the best generation of the Celica as it was the most recent to include the GT4 range in its numbers.

The Gen6 is in many ways a development of the 5, though some of the changes were radical. Essentially, the engines were of the same type as the car’s predecessor; the 3S-GE and 3S-GTE in most cars, with the more environmentally (and less powerful) 5S-GE fitted to cars for some markets.

Performance of the new cars was radically improved; in the first place, the Gen6 cars are much lighter than the Gen5 model, and in addition their engines were producing much more power (240bhp more is typical for a standard ST205 3S-GTE engine).

The Generation 6 cars also saw the introduction of a new suspension system compared to that fitted on the Gen 5. Super Strut (as the new system is called) provided even better handling than the simpler system fitted to the earlier cars. However, it’s also the bane of many GT4 owners lives, as when it needs replacing some of the components (for example the infamous figure 8) are particularly expensive.