Gen 5

Celica – Generation 5

The fifth Generation Celica replaced Generation 4 at the beginning of the 1990s. The new car was a development of the Gen4 but with a much more rounded shape. Like its predecessor, the car was primarily offered in FWD configuration, but was also available as a 4WD turbo in the form of the GT4 (or ST185).

Most versions of the Gen4 were fitted with the 3S-GE engine that had been introduced in the previous generation, and in most respects the Gen5 was a continuation of the development of the Gen 3, even though it looked considerably different with a much more rounded, curvations body shell.

The picture above shows a generation 5 Celica (on the right) and alongside it the equivalent GT4 (ST185). Note the scoop and different front spoiler which differentiate the GT4 from the FWD car.

In ST185 guise (again known as the GT4 throughout the world, except for America where it was called the All-Trac Turbo) the car was fitted with an uprated version of the 3S-GTE engine which now produced about 200bhp. Despite this huge power of 100bhp per litre, the car’s 0-60 time was less impressive than it might have been due to the car’s considerable weight. However, handling was awesome thanks to the strong chassis and the capable four wheel drive system.

Later models of the ST185 were enhanced further with the fitting of a Water to Air Intercooler (on the special edition RC and CS models). This was to be carried over to the new ST205 (Generation 6) GT4s which replaced the Gen5 in 1994. The Carlos Sainz (CS) and its JDM equivalent the RC were also fitted with limited slip differentials (LSDs).