Gen 3

Celica – Generation 3

The Gen2 was replaced by the Gen3 in 1982 successful and varied life. Coupe and Liftback variants of the new model were offered with a range of engine sizes.

The Generation 3 cars again featured a range of engine sizes, this time from 1.6 litres through to a 2.4 variant for the American market. For the first time the engine line-up was joined by a Turbocharged engine (the 1.8 litre 3T-TE) which was fitted to the GT-T cars.

Like its predecessor the Gen2, the Generation 3 Celica was superceeded after just four years in production. But the introduction of the turbo had paved the way for the powerful variants that were to follow in the Generations 4,5 and 6.

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