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Pictures and Information Wanted
Celicas.Co.Uk would very much like your input on pictures and other content for this site. Please supply your images and articles to us for inclusion on this site.

You can contact us to report any errors or ommissions on this site by mailing us at [email protected]

Contributions For those contributing significantly to the site, we can offer you access to our content management system so that you can add your own content directly. In this case, we still reserve the right to edit contributions (for example to correct spelling mistakes etc). Note – that’s not to say that we never make mistakes – we know that everyone does, and would appreciate your input to correct any mistakes on this site, whether they be spelling mistakes or not.

If you supply us with images, and do not want your pictures to be used by others, then please let us know and we will make that clear on the site. Contributors should also advise whether they want their work credited to them, or whether they wish to remain anonymous.

Copyright Copyright to most of the pictures on this site is held by us. We are happy to allow others to use these pictures, providing they provide links back to the page on which we published the pictures. Please do let us know if you make use of the images from our site. The text of our site is copyright us; again you may quote us, but again a link to our page must be provided, and you should let us know by email that you have used our content.