Gen 1

Celica – Generation 1

The original Celica was first introduced by Toyota in 1970, and despite its age, many fantastic examples still exist today. The car offered the buyers a much more affordable option to the company’s already successful GT2000.

Like all Celicas, the original car featured a straight 4 engine. In the early Gen 1s the displacement was 1600cc and fuel was fed by Solex carburetors. Later in the life of the Generation 1, larger displacements of 1.9 litres, 2.0 litres, and even 2.2 litres were available.

Like most of the cars that were to follow, the first Generation 1 Celica had rallying potential, the first World Rally Championship entry being recorded by Ove Andersson driving a 1600GTV in 1972.

Generation 1 Celicas were produced from 1970 through to 1977.

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